Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

A woman holding card while shopping online with a silver laptop.
Can digital marketing save your business? It can, but in this article, I'll break down how it could save your business if you're struggling to acquire your ideal clients. The world is changing faster and faster every day, and nearly 60% of the world's population is plugged in. That's a HUGE opportunity for you to change your boundaries so you can change your business!

Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

I don’t think I need to pull any data or site a reference to claim that 2020 was a difficult year for everybody. We have all felt the pressure in some way or another since the outbreak of COVID-19. Food and beverage, accommodations, and entertainment industries have suffered the most, but regardless of the industry you find yourself in, if you’ve felt the struggle too, can digital marketing save your business?

I suppose the answer depends … I know what you’re thinking. “REALLY? You’re going to tease me with a provocative question and then slap me with the answer ‘it depends?'” I’m sorry! I wish it could be a simple yes/no answer, but it’s not. So let me tell you why it’s not so simple.

Digital Marketing COULD Save Your Business

The world has changed drastically over the last decade. Traditional marketing is nearly dead in this “plugged-in” world and I anticipate it will be all but ineffective in the very near future. Go around to all the nearby apartment complexes in your community. Visit their mailroom (if it’s publicly accessible) and look in the trash. You’ll find it stacked to the brim with every marketing flyer, newspaper coupons, and discount offers you can think of. In the 1950s that was probably a hot commodity, but people just don’t want the paper anymore. Why cut coupons or look for deals when you can get them online from places like Groupon?

As the younger generations grow older and previous generations die off (it’s a bit morbid, but stick with me here), the effectiveness of traditional marketing also begins to pass away. When I worked as a news photojournalist for the U.S. Air Force, it was rare to find a military base that still published a newspaper. If they did have a newspaper, it was usually outsourced in the local community and the government granted them permission to deliver the paper on the base. I remember driving around a few bases to look at all the newspaper stands on delivery day. A stack of crisp papers sat bound by two plastic straps on a wire stand. One week later, just before the next delivery day, I’d return to find that the plastic straps weren’t even cut! On occasion, one or two papers would be taken, but other than that, no one touched them.

Stacks of bound newspapers.

I was always curious and asked why we still paid for contractors to produce a newspaper for us if no one read them. My chief told me that we did that because the base employed military retirees and they often still got their news by reading the paper. We didn’t want to exclude anyone from being able to stay informed of what was happening, so we kept paying for it. But the vast majority of people now got their news from … wait for it … SOCIAL MEDIA! Yep! We ran surveys to find out how our youngest generation of military prefer to get their news and an overwhelming majority responded with social media; namely Facebook.

Out With The Old, In With The New

I hope that story illustrates my point that delivering direct mail or going door to door is a thing of the past. However, there are still some effective traditional marketing strategies that still work today. Phonecalls and billboards can work for you if thoroughly thought through and implemented carefully. While broadcast marketing is technically traditional, I’d argue that even that is becoming more digital these days with how it is streamed and presented to the consumer.

To put this into numbers for you, 4.66 billion people have access to the internet which is close to 60% of the world’s population and 4.2 billion are active social media users (Datareportal). Of those online, 63% reported that they are using the internet to find information, and 46.4% to research products and brands (Datareportal). That’s a HUGE opportunity for YOU, the business owner, to make yourself more accessible to the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

If That Many People Are Online, Why Aren’t People Buying From Me?

There could be a few reasons why people aren’t buying from you.

1. Your SEO
If your page isn’t optimized to rank for the right targeted keywords, your ideal clients won’t be able to find you. Let’s say you’re selling a coaching program that helps small business owners develop a robust project management ecosystem. You could be killing it with your SEO and rank number one for “Project Management Coaching,” but your ideal clients aren’t searching for that. You have to know and understand your ideal clients and what they are searching for. Instead of focusing all your attention on ranking highly for the keywords that match your offer’s title, maybe focus on ranking for other keywords that they might be typing into Google like, “How to easily manage multiple projects.” They might not know that they need a coach for project management, but if you rank for keywords and phrases related to what you do, which presents a solution for the problem they are trying to solve, you’re more likely to be seen when they search for the answer. You can read more about SEO in “How SEO Helps Your Business.”

2. Your Content
Another reason people might not be buying from you is because of your content. If you don’t have enough content, or your content isn’t attractive to your ideal client, they could be visiting your page and then leaving before they’ve even had a chance to consider your offer. The key here is to present them with attractive content that entices them to stick around long enough to make it to your offer. Take a look at your content and ask yourself, “Do I have enough? Do I need to update my sales copy? Is it attractive to my ideal client? Does it target the right keywords that my ideal client is searching for?” If no to these or yes to updating your sales copy, then you might need to revamp your website’s content.

3. Your Offer
This might sound harsh, but if your offer sucks, no one will buy from you. Your ideal client will not buy from you if your offer sucks, even if you have great SEO and incredible content. So if you’re killing it in the first two and people still aren’t buying from you, you might need to look at your offer. Do you have a value ladder that offers a low-ticket entry point? Are your prices too high? Are you providing enough value? Do you have any FREE trial options? Do you have a satisfaction or money-back guarantee? How about self-liquidating offers? Or FREE membership support groups? These are all things to consider when you look at how your offer is structured. But you also have to look at your sales pitch. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing a headline or updating how you pitch your products or services.

Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

Absolutely it can, but again, it depends on quite a few factors. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re not sure what’s causing your lack of traffic or sales, Healthy Boundaries Marketing has a C-Suite of experts who can take a look and identify your choke points. The HBM team has 40 years of combined experience in solving these kinds of problems. We’ve been able to help some of our clients just like you boost their visibility and SEO by 10% in as little as a week, and improve their website’s health score by as much as 80% in less than a month. But here’s what you MUST know … digital marketing takes time and a whole lot of effort. You won’t see an immediate ROI no matter where you go. Digital marketing can save your business, but it takes a long-term commitment and patience to achieve real results.

If you’d like us to take a look, Healthy Boundaries Marketing can give you a FREE comprehensive SEO audit to show you where you need improvement. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a report! You just have to promise us one thing … that you’re committed to saving your business and will put in the effort! We’re here to help!


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A woman holding card while shopping online with a silver laptop.
Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

Can digital marketing save your business? It can, but in this article, I’ll break down how it could save your business if you’re struggling to acquire your ideal clients. The world is changing faster and faster every day, and nearly 60% of the world’s population is plugged in. That’s a HUGE opportunity for you to change your boundaries so you can change your business!

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